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Although I'm in the middle of tearing the shower my contractor started, I will add a little different perspective on the slope with an off center drain.

My design also has the drain closer to the rear wall and I considered having a level perimeter as you suggest, which would put a steep slope on the shortest run to the drain.

I didn't like it so we built the mud deck 1/4" per foot slope all the way around, which meant that the perimeter sloped downward as it progressed closer and closer to the drain. This means that the bottom row of tiles, which were large 20 X 20, had to be angle cut to follow the slope of the floor while keeping the top edge of the tile level.

I have to say that before we had to tear out due to some really crappy tile setting (resulting in the GC and tiler being fired), I really liked it. The fact that the bottom cut of the tiles was sloped wasn't even noticeable and I found the gentler slope toward the drain no matter which wall was involved to be easy to stand on.

And think about it. A bathtub/shower combo is slopped exactly that way, sloping downward from the far end of the tub toward the drain, and also from the sides toward the drain.

I see at lot of guys say the perimeter absolutely must be level all the way around. I'm just not sure that's true.
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