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I'd suggest you check with the manufacturer of your radiant heat system. I checked Warmly Yours installation guide and they said "if" you are using insulation, so it sounds like it is up to the customer. Perhaps you could request that a moderator change the title of your thread to something like "floor warming system questions". You may get more responses. As for your second sounds like you aren't planning on having any grout lines. You said you are going to butt tiles together. Grout is the "glue" that holds a floor system together. I'd recommend you use at least 1/16" grout line. I would also use the smallest v-notch trowel I could find. I think 1/4x1/4 of 1/4x3/16 should work. just lift a tile to make sure your coverage is good.

If that doesn't work, I'll always think it should have.
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