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To answer the earlier question about the joist span, for this section of the house where the bathroom is, it’s 14’.

I plugged the numbers into the deflecolator and it says

“For joists that are SYP or Douglas Fir, in good condition, 8 inches tall, 2 inches wide, 16 inches on center, and 14 feet long between supports, the deflection calculated is 0.484 inches. This translates to a deflection of L / 347. Since the maximum deflection for tile is L / 360, and for natural stone is L / 720, your floor is rated for Sheet Vinyl or wood.”

So, I guess this means I have a problem beyond just getting the floor flat and level. I need to take a look and see if sistering in additional joists is still an option (the plumbers have been at work down there and it’s not as easy-access as it was, unfortunately).

I’m assuming that joists that get sistered in in this situation need to run the entire length of the span (not just under the area that will be tiled) to be effective? There’s a chimney and other obstructions that I need to deal with.

Yeesh. I’m flummoxed but open to suggestions.

The bathroom is over the area circled in the photo below. Basically behind the brick chimney shown in the first photo.

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