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Hi, Rusty!

If you play around with the deflectolator, you'll find that reducing you span by only 1 foot will give you a "thumbs up" for tile. So, can you use a closet in the lower room? Addiing a 2 foot deep closet inder the area to be tiled will strenghten your floor acceptably. You will need to frame the wall like a load bearing wall.

You can add a support beam down the center of the room. This is good if the lower room is a unfinished space, and you don't mind the support posts every 6 feet or so. Doubled 2x10s supported on 6 or 7 foot centers work well. You may need to consider the floor. If slab on grade, you're fine, but if dirt, you'll have to dig a footer.

Otherwise, adding a 2x10, or even a 2x8, sister will do the job, too. This needs to be done for each joist under the tiled area. The downside is handling those long joists, and removing any interfering utility, such as wiring, plumbing, or HVAC. Your floor will not be as stiff as the beam option, but will be equal to the closet option.

Take a look in your basement and let us know what you plan to do.

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