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That kind of tile isn't likely to be an issue on the main bathroom floor, Karen, and you're not likely to be using it on the shower floor, either. Regarding my maintenance comments, they were really focused more on the shower walls and floor, for that's where the majority of your ongoing maintenance challenges will be.

My recently finished shower walls are clad with polished 12X24 porcelain tile, with a small glass accent strip set flush with the face of the 12X24's. I squeegee the walls after every use - and am amazed how much water comes off the face of the tile (and the glass panel, and the top of the corner bench). I squeegee the floor, too. The down side is it takes me a few minutes to do it, the good news is I haven't had to clean it even once since I started using it at the beginning of this past October.

Just food for thought.
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