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Thans Dan,

Your comments on cleaning textured tile has givens something to think about that might change the whole plan (sigh).

The tile we fell in love with is porcelain textured with a stone look (inkjet) that we think is beautiful... but we had not considered the cleaning ramifications.

When we step on the sample 8X 16" piece we have, it kind of grabs on to the foot and even more so the socks...

I initially thought what would be a good thing as it would be much less slippery than the tile we have on the floor now... But that makes it likely to be a dirt magnet. When we asked about that at the tile store the guy said as it is a glazed tile (but it does NOT look or feel glossy), cleaning would not be an issue... and we just accepted that...

If we change tile, it would likely change the entire color scheme and perhaps even for the bathroom so a lot of things we were planning to buy.

Thank you for bringing that up!

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