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Welcome, Jason.

Is this the product you're recommending? If you're affiliated in some way with the company, please add some information to your User Profile indicating any affiliation you might have with the product. We've nothing against product reps participating here, but we like full disclosure.

We would welcome a discussion of your product in the Professionals' Hangout where we like to conduct such technical discussions. I'm tempted to move your post over there as we try to restrict recommendations here in the Advice forum to those that comply with building code, manufacturer's recommendations, and ceramic tile industry standards to the extent possible.

We'll suffice in this case to warn our visitors that the product you're recommending does not conform to ceramic tile industry recommendations for the application. The recommendation is for the use of a flexible sealant in the tile installation wherever the tile backing changes plane.

Feel free to start a thread in the Hangout and I'm sure we can have some participation in a discussion of your method.

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