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dremel bits

I used the diamond disc and the 1/8" diamond bit. They both worked great! The disc removed grout faster but was harder for these arthritic hands to keep under control, especially in the vertical corners near the floor. I was able to get ALL the grout out!! I discovered that dental pick type tools work well for pulling pieces out.

Below is a close up of the 90 deg angle from the first pics I posted. It is about 3/8" wide at the tile face but inside the recess it is a bit wider due to the angle and about 1/2" deep. I can actually see the two, 2x4's where the 2 sheets of durock meet. This angle was taped/thinset but I certainly do not see any mesh at all, just cracked thinset (which is what I thought was crumbled durock.)

Should I try to fill where the two 2x4's come together with a 2 part epoxy of some type, or would a thin bond breaker tape help at all?...(if I can even get it in there) I was even thinking of weld bond. I think I am in trouble here, I don't have clue what can be done.. It is only about 6 inches above the liner...I didn't know it was this close until I had a good look at it today.

Then...another problem: where the back wall meets the left side wall there is a 3/8" gap along the edge of the back wall tile, then it still has the normal 3/8 grout line along the side wall. Can I fill gap with backer rod? This is hard for me to describe and I can't get a pic of it because it's behind the marble.

Hoping you guys can save me! Thank you so much for your help!
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