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Dana, Thank you for replying so quickly!

I have four of these marbled maintenance nightmares in my house. This shower is in the basement on a sloped mortar pan with a PVC liner up the wall probably 1.5 ft. Bench and curb also liner covered. (NO crazy nails or screws were used to attach liner and it was folded/siliconed correctly.) Pan not leaking, floor tile and grout are solid with no cracks, shower is dry, no mold issues. Walls are just durock with tile backer tape/thinset covering joints and planes. I remember red-guard 'type' roll on products came out just after we built these showers. I was disappointed that they weren't available when the four showers were built.
We used Hydroment Unsanded Epoxy grout and I am thinking the wall joints cracked bc they were too wide and deep for unsanded grout?... and they should have been caulked or siliconed to begin with! I've tried to get all grout out, but a few narrow 1/8 " lines were left with thin lines of grout stuck to the sides of the marble. Seeing I can't get this off 100% will silicone or caulk still stick in these areas? And, please advise if you think silicone or siliconized caulk is best or something else?

And... then there is the problem with the crumbled durock on the 2x4 at the 90 deg angle. I know it was taped/thinset but I can't see any durock backer tape! I am able to see this area from the storage room behind and it doesn't look like there is any water damage....yet. But, I don't know how to seal this and was hoping there might be something I could paint in the gap before placing the backer rod in.

Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate any and all advice you offer!
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