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bad pic

my bad ... bad pic! funny how it's crystal clear when you see it in your own head.

The picture is of the short side of the tub looking back to front.

The 6" is for access between the tub and wall (vertical red line) to make the physical drain hookup (slipping the pipes together). The tub drain/overflow is in the middle (length-wise) of the tub on the side closest to the block wall. The question I have is concerning building a shelf/wall say about 10" (??) from the tub up, then closer to the block wall (2x2 studs) to the ceiling. Otherwise, I have to hold the whole wall out from the block at least 6" (to allow room to get my hands in to connect the tub drain to the house) which will look odd. The toilet sets in front of the tub then the vanity then the door. This was an existing shower stall bathroom.

I'm going to look at Josh's thread now

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