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I have filled the hole!! I believe my next step will be to paint the floor in RedGard. So many questions.

I have observed that water doesn't really absorb into my slab. The slab is pretty glossy and smooth. I read in another thread that if this is the case you should scarify the slab before applying thinset. If I'm RedGarding it, how does this change things? The RedGard application guide doesn't seem to mention anything like this. And I will be applying thinset to the RedGard, not the slab directly. Uh... right?

I am also wondering, should I RedGard everything, including underneath where the shower pan is going? Of course I do not want the pan to crack if my patch shifts a little bit.

Should I install the curb first, or should I install it on top of the RedGard layer?

Thank you, as always.
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