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Originally Posted by Eric
For the patch, I saw it suggested elsewhere to paint the edges of the existing cement with thinset, is this important or will new cement ever bond to old?
That's a cold joint where the new concrete meets the old. The new will shrink and pull away, slightly, from the old so I wouldn't worry about painting the edges... Probably wouldn't hurt tho.

I'd use a crack isolation membrane over the cracks, minimum, or over the whole floor, best. I typically cover entire floors with membranes, but if it's stopped moving you could just cover the cracks. Either way, follow the manufacturers install instructs for whatever membrane you choose. I like NobleSeal CIS, link on right side of page --->

For the missing chunk, just clean the loose stuff out and fill with concrete. It's so close to the wall it won't be a problem. Cover with membrane if you'd like after allowing proper cure of the fill.

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