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On your shower, first you need to determine what type of waterproofing method you're going to use, then you can move forward from there. It's very possible that the trap is set to high for a Kerdi drain.

On your floor, you definitely want to use some type of crack-suppressant, whether it be a paint-on membrane like Redgard or Laticrete 9235, or you could use a thinset that works the same way, like Laticrete 125. While Ditra is not technically considered a crack-suppressant, it might possibly keep cracks in the slab from cracking the tile.

On that little chunk out of the floor, it's hard to tell exactly how far it comes from the wall, but if it's 1/2" or less, I would worry about it since the trim will cover it and you won't be putting any pressure on the tile that close to the wall anyway. Maybe you could measure it or post a pic from above that will give us a better idea.

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