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Being more specific he said that their ceramic are fired hot.

Also that their ceramic is 250psi tested. (Dunno what their porcelain is)

Also found this on their website......

"•Manufactured in accordance with ANSI A137.1 standards" And their warranty doesn't seem to make any distinction between any of their tile families.

Also, when another gal there said she had been listening to my question and was wondering the same (liked a ceramic they had but wanted it in porcelain) another sales guy reiterated the same stuff and said that it's mostly because *THEIR* ceramic is mfg'd w/ exceptionally high standards compared to more "breakable" chinese ceramics found at the big box stores.

My personal concerns would be two-fold:

#1.) That it's no more susceptible to cracks/breakage than porcelain

#2.) That there's virtually no difference in how tough it is to keep clean vs porcelain.

(And before anybody barks.....yes....I realize porcelain tile is basically a *kind* of ceramic tile. Us layfolk just seek more english & less jargon)
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