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Losing my hair looking at tiles I was intrigued by something today...........

Guy at the Dal Tile store saw me looking at all porcelain tiles. He asked what I was doing, up to, etc. and I told him I was looking at tile for a shower. (Had some samples in my hand & told him what color range I was looking in).

He asked me why I wasn't looking at the ceramics and I told him because I was told ceramics are a no-no. He went on to explain to me how their ceramics are as tough as their porcelain due to high fire, etc. etc.

Now, I'm reeeeeeeally confused. Why do they even separate their tile displays into porcelain & ceramic then???

I think I've found a couple of really nice looking tiles (and looks like they're color-thru too). Price is a little lower too, but is what he's saying true???

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