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Uri didn't specify at which temp. vitrification takes place, but he raises the bar for porcelain tiles. While the tile industry declares that anything with an absorption rate of .5 or less passes for "porcelain," Uri sets the rate at .1.

The standards we speak of are directed toward lay people. The language is not terribly technical for a reason. Tile setters, for example, do not need to know how to make tiles; they need to know how to install them. It is, however, nice to know that the tiles you're installing will hold up.

Sales people need a certain amount of information as well. For example, they might not know at what temp. a tile was fired, but they will know its break strength. That info is in a little book kept under the counter. Sales folks and installation folks will also know the PEI rating of a glazed tile, while they might not know exactly how that particular tile did in MOHS testing.

Co-efficient for friction is something we are becoming more and more concerned with. The standard for that is being developed, and an attempt is being made to make it international.

The standards, which are voluntary, by the way, are used as a guide, and they are minimum standards. They are meant to comprise a threshold of knowledge that most people throughout the industry can easily understand. They certainly don't hold anyone back from delving deeper into the science of the industry.
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