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I'm certainly no expert on the tile industry so I defer to you and your expertise. Isn't it a shame things can't be standardized to where the general public understands and feels comfortable in what they purchase?

I know that most, probably all industrial tiles are ram pressed. I find it peculiar that the tile industry regulates "porcelain" by purely the absorption rate regardless of the type of clay. I went on a ceramic cultural tour to China and went to the Porcelain capital of where would you find an impure clay tile or pot called porcelain. They were the ones that invented porcelain thousands of years ago and of course they also invented tainted sheet rock But I am sparring with you...I love sparring with a guy in a top hat Marge are you watching!

I purchased Dahl tiles for my entire house and discussed in great detail with the distributor about how high they were fired, durability etc. They were not porcelain but stoneware...fine with me. Porcelain is cold compared to stoneware which has impurities in the clay to give it a lot more warmth and character. He assured me they were high fired and I asked fired to what cone 10 (2400 F)? Yes he said

I bought them and laid them and I love them but..I took a piece and fired it in my kiln and the sucker melted like molted lava. Not a high fire tile.

I will enclose a picture of these tiles another day just for your info.

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