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Question Remodeling old tile bathroom

My small master bath is approximately 45-50 years old, the tub surround and ½ of walls tiled as well as the floor. Most of the wall tile is white but has black top and bottom trim which I would like to change. I have been told that it would probably be a major project to tear out old wall tile (because of possible wire screen instead of backerboard?) and replace but can’t put new layer on top because it would be above window/door trim. I’m thinking about just tiling over the old floor and doing some replacement to trim on the wall.
(1) Can I tell from looking through pipe access panel if wall has backerboard or wire screen? What am I looking for?
(2) Can I remove just the top bullnose tiles and replace with a different color? How do I break out just the bullnose without damaging the one below?
(3) One or two wall tiles have a thin crack running horizontally. Can I make a repair without replacing?
(4) In the alternative, can the black tiles be painted and with what kind of paint and sealant?
(5) How do I remove the soap dish/toothbrush holder/towel bar to replace with new one?
(6) If I leave the existing floor, what is the best way to remove old grout to put in new one?
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