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Now THAT explains everything! I saw the 2" going into the subfloor and thought it travelled away from the wall. What I don't understand (or can't see) is why the 2" doesn't come up through the wall. The way you have diagrammed it is fine and meets all code requirements. If I had a decent software program, I'd draw what I thought you were trying to do. It's a moot can do it as drawn.

Just as an aside...a tee is called out by the run and then then the branch. So what you have in your drawing is a 2x1.5x2 tee. Make sure you get a sanitary tee, not a regular tee.

I keep going back to your photograph. I'd like to see a photo once you have the subfloor out.

If that doesn't work, I'll always think it should have.
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