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Tae's master bathroom remodel

This will be the first few of many many questions in the coming weeks and months. I have decided to embark on an adventure of remodeling our master bathroom. I am currently in the process of almost gutting our entire master bath. The surround tub, shower, cabinets, sinks, toilet, and tile. I am just about done gutting everything.

Question 1: See pic below. I want to use the drain from a previous sink for my new Kerdi shower drain. However, I am not sure how to reroute the drain and attached vent. As you can see, the drain comes up from the 3/4" subfloor and goes back into the wall. This same wall will also be used as one of the sides of my new shower. Obviously I don't want a pipe sticking out of the wall in my shower. What's the best way to reroute. Can I drill a 1.5" hole thru the 2x4 in the floor for the vent? Any other way to do this?

Question 2: I used to have dual sinks with separate supply lines and drains. I am planning to use one of the old sink drains and supply lines for the new shower. I still want to have dual sinks, but I would like to simplify things by using the same supply lines to feed both sinks, and use the same drain line for both sinks? Would there be any problems doing this?

Question 3: Is there an easy way to remove the subfloor? Where should I cut the floor? I was thinking right on top of the floor joist (of course I won't cut too deep that I cut into the joist itself), so that you can reinstall the plywood. I have 3/4" plywood on 16" center joists. I am not sure if my question makes sense on this one.

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