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Exclamation Tub goes in tomw; is subfloor sufficient?

I'm at the point where I risk divorce if I DON'T get the tub in tomw. If I need to do anything tonight, I will, but I'm beyond doing it "right" and have to settle for "best under the circumstances." Married guys n' gals, I hope you know where I'm coming from

Have 5x9 bathroom down to wallstuds and subfloor. 1/2" luann (sp?) ply over 16" oc DouglasFir 2x6 joists (deflecto-lator gives me 1499, so if I tighten up should be ok for ceramic that the wife wants).

Some deflection occurs at ply seams not made over joists. This can be somewhat remedied from underneath by shimming the slight gaps between joists and ply? Also could nail/screw existing ply to joists to tighten it up? Bottom line: what's down HAS to stay, or I will be asked to LEAVE

All that's going in tomw is the tub. I WILL have time to address remaining subfloor concerns before tile goes in on floor. (And then there's the tile for the walls, but that's another story/time/thread).

Should I ADD anything on top of (or from below) this subfloor BEFORE the tub goes in? I'm thinking maybe 1/4" ply on top (plus maybe the shimming/fastening already menioned)?

I'm expecting that after tub install I'll add 1/4" hardi as base for the finish floor tile, but what should I do TONIGHT before the tub goes in tomw? And if I add anything like 1/4" ply, can it be AFTER the tub goes in, or should it be before (tub is 3sided alcove along exterior wall).

Thanks all. Neither my marriage nor my bathroom may last very long, but I need some practical advice on a compromised method that hopefully saves both


PS: What EXACTLY should I be putting between the wallstuds & the 1/2" hardi I'm going to be putting on the walls in tub area? Is it just 4mil poly sheeting, and is there a link that details how it's attached, etc?

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