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by the way, someone on this forum recommended using a 4" putty knife to feather out the edges of the tape. Worked great!! thanks.

I have a question which I will ask on this thread as it may be helpful to "Sinkholed" ( sorry to hear about your yard troubles). Actually two questions... OK- three...

1) if you have to attach the barrier to the studs and then the CBU over it...don't the holes made by the nails or staples ( in the liner) let water thru?

2) I can't find the thread ( maybe it's late and I should be asleep) that talks about how much space b'w the bottom of the tub (and over the curb or lip )and the Hardi there should be. I think it was 1/2 inch??

3) Is it ALWAYS advisable to start your tile at the NEXT to bottom row, make sure that is level, and then do the bottom row later making cuts where needed to meet the tub? Also , 1/4"? 1/8" for caulk between tub and bottom row?? HOw much?

many thanks -
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