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Hardibacker will work just fine, both on the floors and in your tub/shower surround.

Yes, make your transition from Hardi to drywall over a stud. And if at all possible have that stud positioned such that this transition occurs outside the "wet" area but still under a tile. Hardi comes in 1/4" thickness for floors and 1/2" (nominal) for walls. That 1/2" stuff is actually 7/16" so you will have to fair out to 1/2" wallboard. This can be done with thin-set and tape. Which is another thing, don't forget to tape the Hardibacker seams. Get Hardibacker instructions here.

Those instructions do not mention the need for a moisture barrier in a tub/shower setting, but that is most important.
Lets us know if you need some guidance with that moisture barrier installation.

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