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Thanks Mike. Bob is my name. Chose sinkholed because $4,000 ago I hard a yard with grass and 2 trees, but that's another story

Yes, tub will double as a shower. Regarding cementboard, the floor tile my wife had been looking at from Lowe's, it was recommended to use "Hardi backer board" over the plywood subfloor. Is that also but one of several cementboard brandnames that I can use on the walls? Should the cementboard I use in the tub area also be used on the rest of the bathroom walls? If not, I assume I'll have to end one piece of cementboard at a stud, and then continue from that stud with another wall material. Any problems with taping/spackling that joint?

Your mention that tub has to go in first means I swap #12 & #14? (tub before cementboard)
12. Install new wallboard (tub will receive finish tile; rest will be painted)
13. Install new base cabinet
14. Install new tub
Sliding window is original installation aluminum frame. I'm imagining I could remove & clean it up & reuse it, but a newer wood or vinyl is probably better and hopefully not too much $ for a 2'x2' unit.
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