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Thanks guys. To answer the responses so far...

Surprised to find I haven't missed anything in my order of attack. May all aspects of this project go so smooth

From what I've read here I've come to understand the importance of a solid subfloor; I'd appreciate your input on best practices/materials for that. The mosaic tile that's down now was supposedly set in mud (a neighbor called it concrete & had to use a sledge to take it out; I'm hoping to use a sawzall), but I don't think I'll be redoing with that.

Slipped up calling it wallboard; not sure which "greenboard-like" wall material I'll use; as with the subfloor, I'd appreciate suggestions.

The ceiling has an existing light/heat/exhaust fixture in it. It's not vented outside, just into attic. I understand I could use standard flexible dryer vent coil to exhaust outside, but not sure if I have time or inclination to do that now.

I really hate having a window in the tub, but likewise I'm reluctant to take on changing that. Given the location of bathroom along exterior wall, and the fact that attic/roof used truss construction, I'd LOVE to kill the window & go with a skylight instead. Wouldn't be too much of a job to install, but unless I pony up the dough for a pro, I just don't see me managing to add one myself.

Right now I'm trying to pick the bathroom vanity. As I'd said, it's an alcove cutout 48" wide and 24" deep. Currently has a built-in plywood cabinet, but the wife wants to replace with a genuine furniture-like piece, wood finish, with drawers, so I'm stuck trying to please her and fitting it in.

I don't like going smaller (45"/42"/36") but fitting 48" in 48" space may mean I have to cheat; ie, no wallboard on side walls to save some snugging-in space, maybe sidesplashes embedded into wall. Seems like countertops come 49". Maybe I can have them custom one to 48", because I don't think I can increase the 48" space any? Maybe I could wallboard the sides of the space AFTER the cabinet & countertop are in place?!?

Thanks again, and yes, I'll make sure to keep all my posts on this thread.
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