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Thanks for the replies so far...

Last night did the jump test and remeasured spans. The joist spans are actually 13' unsupported, and the subfloor is 5/8", not 3/4". It looks like I will be doing another layer of ply. Is 1/2" ply fine, followed by what? The floor adjacent to the baths will be 3/4" oak, so I'd prefer not to have too much build up. Should I go CBU or try to get my hands on some Kerdi?

What about transitions to the HW? MY mother-in-law has nice "brass" strips where her new tile floor meets up with her HW. Where might I get those? How do I handle the height difference? Anyone have a good source to get these supplies?

As for the jump test, the floor moved a bit, but seemed pretty sturdy. I think it should be fine especially with the additional ply.

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