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To tile or not - Deflecto says L380

Hi all, first time poster, but have lurked for a bit.

Background- I've been reading John's book and finished the chapter on subfloors. I previously tiled a 150 sq ft kitchen in my last house. New (old) house has vinyl in the 2 bathrooms on the main level that I want to replace with tile. The level under (daylight basement) is finished with no access to the joists directly under the bathrooms. The joists are 2x10s, 16" OC. The subfloor is 3/4" ply that looks to be in good shape. The house is fairly modern construction, built in '89. The joists are ~14'6" from perimeter to the steel I-beam that runs down the center of the house. Both bathrooms are located on one side of the house (eg on one side of the I beam right next to each other).

The deflecto says I have an L380 deflection and am good for tile. Floor feels solid, but have not yet done the "jump test".

Prior to John's book / finding this forum, I had planned on tiling as I did in the previous house - using 1/2" Durock CBU and modified thinset. For these baths, because they are small, I will probably use 6x6" tile (unless larger would look ok - baths are maybe 5' x 5' and ~7'x5').

So, should I go for it? Any other advice? Are any of the tiles offered at lowes (Rialto?) decent, or should I go to a "tile store"?

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