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I'm another DIYer that likes to think outside of the box...

Zane, let me see if I first understand your problem:
You have a house on a slab and you are building a shower.
You want to be able to collect shower "grey water" but you were not allowed to install a grey water diversion pipe during construction into the slab.

So what about this... rather than building the shower at slab level and running your grey water diversion pipe up and OVER the curb... what if you raised the drain and the entire shower... say about 2"... and installed your grey water diversion pipe UNDER the whole shower (well, I would slope it slightly so that any water that ever gets into it drains).

Where the diversion pipe comes out of the wall, you could place a threaded join flush with the wall. That way, if you ever wanted to abandon the project, you just need to close your diversion pipe with a cap.

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