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Thank you Davy!

I read the "shower construction info" thread in the "liberry", and it was very enlightening! I have left over portland cement, lime and plaster sand from stucco. Is it a bad idea to mix my own mortar?

That aside, the article raised a couple more questions (I guess this is how it always goes!)

First, it appears the upper mud bed is not formed until after the wall tile and curb tiles are installed. Is this the preferred method?

Second, I bought my tiles second hand. The floor tiles are 12x12 travertine mosaics and the wall tiles are 18x18 rainforest marble. I do not have any bullnose/quarter round tiles for either. I found one other forum post here saying butt joints on the curb come down to personal preference. Is this ever done by you pros? What about cutting the edge at 45* on the saw?

I'm going to put the grey water scheme on the back burner for the moment. The idea with keeping that pipe primed was to tweak the pump to be just a bit behind the shower head GPM so water pools are bit around the drain. It's all very finicky and I'm having second thoughts.

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