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Thank you both very much for the information! I guess I now have bigger issues to deal with, so let's get that sorted first.

The bottom board on the curb was a nearly year old pressure treated 2x4, the others were purchased in May of this year. They are nailed off and glued down to the slab with polyurethane adhesive, then coated in lath and portland cement. This was installed in May, so it has been 4 months. As far as I can tell, they have not budged so far (no cracking of the cement), but I don't know the time frame for potential trouble. If you were me, would you demo it and put some sort of masonry in there instead? It would be no fun, but certainly easier now than later.

Message received on mudding the curb. I will ditch the CBU and follow one of the resources here.

As for the grey water, here is a crude diagram and some very approximate photos (with poly pipe instead of pvc). The main question is really whether a big old crack is likely to form right above the pipe with only 3/4" mud coverage. If that's a serious concern, I'll ditch the whole thing. If not, it's just a harmless experiment (hopefully).
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