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Embedded Pipe in Mud Bed

First of all, thank you John and everyone here for this wonderful resource. It has been indispensable thus far.

Secondly, since I am new, not a pro, and filled with whimsical ideas, I’ll start right off by embarrassing myself with a somewhat preposterous question.

I have a pre-slope 1-3/4 mud bed bonded to the slab with thin set, along with the clamp drain and 40 mil pvc shower pan liner.

I love long hot showers and live on the high desert. Therefore I would absolutely love to recover the grey water for irrigation, but due to restrictive building codes was unable to do so with the under slab plumbing.

On to the absurdity... my concept was to run a 1” pvc pipe on top of the pan liner from the center drain, elbow to above the curb height once behind the CBU and then back down to a 5gpm pump, possibly on a mini float switch. The idea being no penetrations in the liner. This system would attach to a linear drain tray allowing one to plug the main 2” drain. If the system stopped workin it could theoretically be abandoned with no harm.

But, the main caveat of course (ignoring all the others) is whether the top mud bed will split open right along this pipe. The pipe is 1-1/4” OD and the mud bed would be 2” in this case. I would put a thin sleeve on the pipe for expansion, and possibly encase it in lath and Portland cement before starting the dry pack.

Yes it’s crazy. Could it work? Once this is settled hopefully I can move on to asking normal questions.


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