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Kitchen Backsplash, 4x12 porcelain, layout decision

Hi Everyone, Thanks so much for all the advice these forums have provided in the past. I'm a tile novice as i have only completed 2 personal tile jobs (a kitchen and bathroom floor which i and wife were very happy with).

This backsplash will be the third job, which is the same kitchen where i completed the floor. This past weekend i have been trying to make some final layout decisions and have a dillema i would really appreciate some feedback on.

tiles = 4x12 rectified - (Suave Bianco Polished 60-508)
www anatoliatile com /collections/mayfair

spacers = 1/16" blue horseshoe
thinset = mapei ultraflex 2
grout = mapei ultracolor plus FA (frost)

Essentially, i think my question is this:

What is more important regarding a kitchen backsplash layout? Grout line symmetry around kitchen sink/faucet/window and stove/hood area, or skinny tiles at the edge?

Right now i have 2 courses of the tiles layout on the protected countertops. I can easily shift the layout one direction or the other to avoid any cuts less than 3inches at all edges, but then the grout lines will not line up with sink/faucet etc.

When I line up the grout lines so there is symmetry with the kitchen window/sink/faucet i end up with a few skinny tiles at the edges. The skinniest tile would be about an inch thick.

I'll try to get some pics uploaded when im allowed to better show what i'm working with.

Thanks much,

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