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Update for the evening: Since I have to put the PVC beadboard on the side walls of the shower and bathroom tomorrow, I was not willing to allow the horrible gaps in the Kerdi to go unrepaired.

Since the tiler's work was peeling out so badly and had dried mortar in between the layers, I didn't feel comfortable simply mortaring over it without adding a water-curing sealant and allowing it to set. It did a pretty good job flattening his work to the wall, and then I lapped over it with the Kerdi Band to close it up, making sure to properly embed the Band. I thought the All-Set mortar batch I whipped up was really nice to work with. Expensive, but really nice.

Now it looks quite a bit better to me, and maybe not too bad for my first time working with mortar.

I also patched over the screwheads as per Schluter procedure, despite the tiler's dubious claim that mortar is waterproof.
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