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Hello again, everyone.

So, everything has gone well up to this point, and now that the Kerdi Board is on (I wet-shimmed the walls to make them flat!), I have had to hire a tiler to apply the Kerdi Band to the wall joints, Kerdi to the Dry Pack floor and Ditra to the rest of the bathroom.

To make a long story short, this fellow I hired is the top guy on Homestars for the Greater Toronto Area, and is a dedicated tiler. Within an hour of him starting, however, I was noticing several things which are not approved by Schluter. When I raised this matter, I was told "don't believe everything the manufacturer tells you".

Fair enough, but after his departure today, there are some problems (see photos below).

First, he applied Kerdi to the floor and simply wrapped it up to the sidewall which is not the correct procedure. Unfortunately he failed to get proper thinset mortar adhesion and it is peeling away already. I should note that I got him several bags of Schulter All-Set to use - the best stuff Schluter makes.

In addition, I noted that several strips of Kerdi band were not adhering to the walls, and I noted that in some places it is simply because his mortar band is not as wide as the Kerdi band.

I want to point out here that we also had a small argument about the need to apply Kerdi Band to the joints in the Kerdi Board and over the screw heads as per Schluter recommendations. He contended that thinset mortar would keep water our whereas I contended that thinset mortar is not a water barrier. Thankfully, I know from reading these forums that I am 100% correct in my argument, and I insisted he put those Kerdi bands up. He refused on the screw heads and so I will be putting those up myself.

This is the top-rated guy in the area... not sure what to do.

I'm thinking I point out these improper Kerdi Band applications and ask him to remortar? Now that the Kerdi is down on the ground and mortared to the wall (instead of using Kerdi Band like Schluter demands) it is too late for me to do anything about that, and I should just insist he remortar it to ensure adhesion?

Any advice on how to proceed would be ideal. It was a real fight getting any tiler here in the Greater Toronto Area. The housing boom that's been going on here for the better part of 2 decades has made tradesman extremely hard to find and also very expensive, so I hesitate to fire him at this juncture.
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