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You're sistering plan will work. As has been said here by many you need only to have your sister joists span at least 2/3rd's of the existing joists, and more or less centered on the existing joists.

Having sistered many of my own I can definitely agree that rotating them into place with each end supported isn't going to happen. just cut them short of the load bearing points.

The new joists will not be dead straight (crowned), and likely not flat. Don't try to jack them into place, that'll likely result in the floor above being pushed upwards. If you don't care about producing a flat (in plane) for a finished ceiling then it won't matter if they hang a bit below the existing joists here and there.

Have some construction adhesive ready, and some clamps. Screws screws would be good - lots of them, but I used a framing nailer to install most of mine.
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