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Up to you, Paul. You can tile over whatever you're comfortable with. Yes, in days of old we got away with a lot of tile over marginal framing when the substrate was reinforced mud. Or even mud over metal lath, sometimes.

I can find you lumber span tables that will say (if you know the species and grade of your joists) that your joists met building code deflection of L/360 when it was constructed. Our Deflectolator is more conservative because most of the time it is used for calculating existing structures rather than planned construction. Remodel work is not usually done over new materials in perfect condition and properly installed as one might expect in new construction. The Deflectolator is also sensitive to the additional dead loads associated with a ceramic tile installation. We like it much better than the new construction span tables when it comes to remodel work.

Ceramic tile industry says you must have L/360 or less for a ceramic tile installation. Up to you to determine if you meet that standard.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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