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Alright, checked the deflection calculator, I'm selling the house. 2x8 joists 16" OC spacing over 11.5 is not enough for ceramic tile. Seems like pretty standard construction. How does anyone have tile in their houses!?

The tile I tore up was in good shape. The tile underneath it seemed alright but couldn't really tell reliably in the debris. The original was set on a mud bed and the joists along one wall and the one about 1/3 of the way across are doubled up. The attached picture is before I replaced the rotted 1x12 planks and put down 3/4" plywood (1/2" under the tub along the wall). Was it the mudbed that was keeping things together? Too much to count on Ditra to save the day?

Guess I'm tearing out the plaster floor in the basement and sistering some joists.
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