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Back to work this week so not much progress.

I tried to fit the Kerdi niche and had an issue with the vent stack in the half wall interfering with the back of the niche. Ended up 'moving' the vent stack using 4 45 degree fittings. I was going to glue all the joints but there was no play so I ended up using a proflex fernco fitting to join the two offset halves together.

Also added more screws to the drywall and bought PVA primer to paint over all the areas that were mudded and taped along the main wall and ceiling.

Drilled a 4" hole in both layers of subfloor for the kerdi drain that showed up today. I plan on gluing up the drain immediately after putting down tar paper/metal lath. I can pack wet mud under the drain when I plan on pouring my drypack. I watched a Sal video on YouTube and his approach seems more comfortable considering I have 1 hour working time with drypack and installing a level drain will eat up some of that time. I'll need all the time I can get with a 38x60 pan.

Returned the kerdi tray and bought a bucket mortar mixer, 5 bags of mapei 4:1, lath, roofing tar, lath screws, and a mag float. I am going to float a mud pan instead. I don't trust myself setting the drain perfect enough for the tray install and the mud is more forgiving.

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