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Now, it has been a couple of years since we have done traditional mud pans, the duct tape is a no, but as far as the pre slope that is done when you pour the mud. The rubber liner is to make sure that no water can escape, other than the drain. Hopefully they will be putting cement board over the liner to the bottom of all the seams. Then doing a waterproofing membrane over where the rubber meets the cement board. Also, once pan is poured doing another waterproofing over the poured floor as well and around the drain to make water tight.
Mike, they left the liner as-is with no preslope, bedded CBU, didn't pitch the bench or the curb, grouted all corners and changes in plane, and didn't slope the floor properly. I've since torn it all out. Also found areas of liner that weren't cemented property, liner separated without much force.

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