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Thanks guys.

The contract used Denshield tile backer, some kind of white substance on the seams, with a light blue sealant on top, and then tiled on that. He used "greenboard" on ceiling of shower box. Is this acceptable?

Grout has been blotchy for about one month and blotchiness has only been getting worse. He's going to have to remove the grout in the corners to silicone them. Is is reasonable to request that he regrout the shower given the extent of the blotchiness?

Last--and thanks for your patience-- what about rough, chipped cuts on tiles? Could a skilled installer have avoided this and, if so, is it reasonable to ask him to replace the tiles?

For context, we spent about 35k on bathroom remodel, of which tile was approximately 9k (approximately 6k in materials and 3k labor). We expected quality workmanship.
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