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The walls themselves don't need to be waterproof, but must not be damaged by being wetted. Industry standards call for either a moisture barrier behind the wall, or waterproofing on top of the wall. FWIW, one colored wallboard is moisture resistant drywall. NO drywall is acceptable in a shower with tile directly on top of it. WIthout knowing what was installed, can't say for sure if there's a waterproofing issue.

A big, common error is to install a liner flat on the floor. Another is to nail or screw cement board to the curb. Neither of those two things meet industry standards or the plumbing code.

FWIW, building a shower correctly isn't technically hard, but it is VERY detail oriented...messing up one detail can lead to early failure. What is visible from the pictures isn't confidence inspiring. The tile is a cosmetic, wear surface, not waterproofing. The shower should be water tight prior to the tile being installed. If the underlying build is correct, it won't fail, but the tile may look crappy. The expectation is that both parts will be done well. Lots of showers that look great, but have bade bones. It really hurts to have both done poorly.
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