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Mrs. Dan's Master Bathroom Remodel

Well she's finally had it. Won't let me do any other projects until the MBR is remodeled. And she's right to put her foot down - the MBR is way, WAY over due.

I capitulated, but still retained some manliness by requiring her participation in the demo phase, so 3 weeks ago we got after it. Managed to demo everything in one day except the subfloor and the ceiling.

I already knew I had an issue with the floor. The room is 14'X7' ish and there is a sizable hump running width of the 7' dimension, right across where I thought the 2X10 joists went over the steel support beam spanning the garage below. I cut out the 5/8" subfloor along the bottom plates, pulled it up, and confirmed my guess.
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