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Here are some photos of my old shower and shower pan (this was really old and I believe it was refinished and the prior paint job was discoloring and literally chipping away).

Does anyone know if I could have actually used it and just tiled the walls? Kind of kicking myself for giving it away before I had decided for sure what I was doing. I don't know if I could have used it and tiled the walls because of how the edges of the pan jut out, etc. I would have to do some significant shimming I believe or be okay with the tiles just resting on the edge of the shower pan, with part of the pan jutting out. So maybe I could have kept it, darn. It definitely needed to be refinished and cleaned up, and it did have a hairline crack on a vertical area in an inside corner. Really wish I had it now so I wouldn't need to buy a new one if I decide to use a pre-fab shower pan.
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