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Yeah, in terms of resale, I do think that either one is fine for the shower base. I think most condos here do not have a tiled shower base. However, I found this on Home Depot's website:

It says under the specifications that for shower base type it is "made for tile." I wonder if that is correct, because all the photos show it being non-tiled. But for $129, that would be cheaper, or right around the same price as building the mortar bed and everything. And then I just tile. But I have a feeling that the website is wrong because that is so cheap for a tile ready shower base. Edit: Actually just looked at the base again and in the Q&A section someone asked about it saying it was "made for tile" and the product expert replied saying that it is meant to be tiled from the walls up, the shower base can't be tiled. But that is still a good price.

I also would like to say that I do have a desire to learn how to build a mortar bed for a shower also, so that is also a factor, but I have to keep our budget in mind as well.

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