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If I were in your shoes, I'd consider what is customary / expected in a condo of your sort...If the other units tend to have non-tiled shower floors, no need to go all out....if the norm is a tiled floor, or if the trend is toward nicer finishes, you might want to go for a tiled floor. It also depends on how long you plan on living there yourself...and how much you prefer a tiled floor to a pre-formed base.

I'd tile the floor myself, and I'd probably give the USG Durock system a closer look. If CX likes it...

I don't think I'd worry too much about the mud pan dust / logistical issues...just mix the deck mud in a bucket outside and forget about are going to have to deal with the same problem when it comes time to mix your thinset, anyway.

It's probably six in one, half dozen in the other for the traditional vs bonded membrane in terms of difficulty (I really have no basis for this...just conjecture), but the surface membrane is much more appealing in function to me...I think the benefit is worth the $extra...but I could see that going either way depending on how much jingle is in your pocket.
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