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Just saw your guys' posts after I posted mine so my post may seem like I didn't read your previous posts, lol.

Anyways, PC, yeah I had thought about the fiberglass shower pan but I thought that in general a tiled shower pan was more desired. You're saying that fiberglass shower pans are more common in expensive homes? I thought that the mortar bed/tiled shower pans were more common in high-end homes, or at least I thought tiled shower pans were more sought after. I literally gave away my old white shower pan that was in there before (it was discolored and a bit dirty but I could have buffed it out and refinished it or something) because I thought that a tiled shower pan was better and would possibly help/add value whenever we sell the condo. I also kind of wanted to try to build one since I just wanted to see if I could do it.

And Eric, yeah, that makes sense. I have found some shower bases that would fit my area for pretty cheap at Home Depot now that I am reanalyzing this issue with your guys' suggestions. I found one for like $130 from Home Depot:

But once again, I thought that building a shower pan and tiling it would maybe make the condo more appealing to new buyers also. That's kind of why I was shying away from the pre-made white shower pans. Now I wish I hadn't taken out my old shower pan and given it away. It did have some hairline cracks around the edges but I believe those could have been repaired with some kits from the hardware store. And then I could have just bought some rustoleum paint kit for shower pans and tubs and maybe made it look like new. Oh well, now it's too late.

But I guess the question I have now, is would a white pre-made non-tiled shower pan be more appealing to new buyers or would a tiled one be more appealing? I guess if I can recoup the costs when we sell the place I would be willing to do a mortar shower pan, but if it doesn't make a difference in terms of making the place look attractive and sellable, I guess I'll put in a pre-made shower pan.

CX, just saw your post so I'll edit my post to respond. I guess then I am going to use a standard clamping drain with the traditional pre slope, liner, then top layer concrete for cost reasons over the bonding systems ( I believe the bonding systems are more expensive). But I am also considering buying a pre-made non-tilable shower pan because that may be even cheaper than building a mortar bed shower pan. I'm kind of on the fence now between those two.

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