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I think there is some confusion in terms here, AM. a "tile-in drain" is usually one in which the drain grate is replaced with a piece of tile, making the shower floor appear not to have a drain.

There are generally two types of drains used in shower construction: One is the standard clamping drain used with the traditional shower pan construction with a mud/liner/mud floor. The other is the bonding flange drain used with direct bonding waterproofing membrane shower pan construction. The Kerdi drain would fall into that category. We'll skip the linear drains for this discussion, but any of the above can be "tile-in" drain if you want.

And while it's possible to construct a direct bonded waterproofing shower using a standard clamping drain, that's a bit of a hybrid design, although some membrane manufacturers have instructions for doing just that, but I much prefer to see you use a bonding flange drain if you elect to build a direct bonded waterproofing membrane shower.

Amongst all that is what you need to choose before we can help you get much further with your project.

I'd personally recommend USG's Durock Shower System.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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