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Just my 2 cents as an amateur in your similar position about 2 months ago.

I thought the traditional mud pan was the best/cheapest option when I priced it out but in the end, I don't think it was the best option. When going the mud option you have to consider all the little things that add up quick in time and money.

How are you going to mix the mud, in what container, and where? I mixed mine in the garage, a long way away from my upstairs bathroom. Portland cement/mud mix is extremely dusty and when your mixing it, it will get everywhere so your not going to want to do it in your bedroom or living room. I had to buy a mixing tray and a bucket to haul it in. I also had to buy a trowel for smoothing it down. It was hot, somewhat labor intensive work for a somewhat in shape 46 year old. And your going to do this twice, once for the bottom layer and then again on top of the liner.

The liner is super difficult to get in properly because you have to notch out the 2x4 studs....and that just flat out sucks if you don't have the right tools. You also have to block between the studs, again, nothing super difficult but time consuming. Folding the liner in the corners and over the curb took me about 2 hours of grunting and groaning and trying to fold it properly. If you screw it up, as i did, then you have 2X the time and costs in doing things over.

Don't forget the 100% silicon caulk and drain and getting the weep holes right.

I don't know everything about the Kerdi shower pan but if you just set it down in the opening and your done with it and moving on, then that is money well spent.
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