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Okay, just a quick question, why does the plywood have to be AC grade if it is just being used for structural/non-visual reasons? Can I get this cheaper plywood that is D-D grade:

The one you linked in your post says it is B-C grade under the specs on Lowes website. And I completely forgot I could ask them to cut it down for me, that will make it easier for me for sure, thanks for the reminder (although I would prefer to cut it myself, since I don't really know how well they will cut it, but it will make it easier for me for sure).

And thanks for looking up the adhesive for me for the plywood-to-concrete bond. I appreciate that.

It seems at the moment I need to first decide what kind of shower pan I need to build based on CX's comment. I listed 3 options in my previous post, those are the only options for a shower pan ,correct?

And about the Kerdi drain system, it looks great, but the thing is I am on a tight budget since I have to do quite a bit of remodeling to the condo besides this shower and I have to kind of cut costs where I can (without sacrificing quality). As a full condo remodel goes along, every step you can save money can add up to thousands of dollars, so I have to try to save money here and there. So I'll definitely consider the Kerdi drain but if it's too expensive I'll have to maybe go with the conventional tile-in-drain system. That is kind of why I was asking if I could use the cheaper D-D grade plywood vs the B-C grade one you had linked, even though it's only 10 bucks difference, I'm just trying to be money conscious from the start so I can actually stay within budget while getting a quality remodel done.

Thanks again for your replies, all this information has been and will continue to be very helpful to me.

May I ask why you feel the Kerdi drain system is better than the regular tile-in-drain system? It does seem popular right now. However I believe the Kerdi drain system can be used on a regular/conventional mortar bed application, which means I could just buy this I think:

But if I just do a normal tile-in drain, I believe I could just buy this:

Which would save me 80 bucks (not much normally, I actually am generally not cheap, but I have to stick with a budget I have in mind so I'm really trying hard to cut costs anywhere I can).

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