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Okay, thanks, looks like I was able to change my signature to AM. Okay, so looks like I'll have to use 3/4 inch plywood. I'm guessing I should make sure to avoid pressure treated plywood? I was thinking about just getting these smaller panels since they'll be easier for me to transport (I have a small car at the moment):

2 or more panels of 3/4 inch birch or oak plywood that is 2ft by 4ft and then just use some adhesive to get them to stay put on the concrete.

And you said the first step is to decide what shower pan to build. Just checking, but there are 3 choices correct....? The 3 that I'm aware of are:

1) Vikrell/acrylic/fiberglass shower pan
2) Kerdi shower pan
3) Mortar bed shower pan (with shower liner embedded between two layers of mortar/concrete)

So I just need to decide between those 3 first? Or am I missing an option?
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